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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 27 of the Exchanges

It is Day 23 of the exchanges. The blather erupting from the political class and their minions on Fox News and MSNBC is just amazing. I just can't help being a voyeur, toggling between the polar ends of the partisan spectrum and marvel at the their blindness to their own biases. I have tried to sort through the chatter and I am at a loss to predict how all this will play out in the next six months. However, I have come to these conclusions:

1. The Federal exchanges are a mess. The state exchanges appear to function better but it is not clear whether they are functioning well enough.
2. It is not clear whether the situation is improving quickly enough.
3. It is not clear whether the situation is any worse than what was previously experienced with the roll out of Medicare part D in 2006
4. It is not clear who is able to sign up and whether sufficient young healthy people will sign on to make this work. Most of those signing up are signing up for Medicaid.
5. In time we might be able to figure out what all this means.
6. There is much finger pointing to come.Much causality will be claimed and belief will be much more important than actual proof.

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