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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disruptive Campaign Technology

It appears that disruptive technology may render Citizen's United vs. FEC moot. The internet combines low cost with a remarkable ability to disseminate messages. With the blurring between television, computer, and phone, and the ability to spread creative ads virally, it may marginalize the historically important (and expensive) media outlets. In her story in the NYT today, Jennifer Steinhauer describes the use of low cost and rapidly deployable ads in the gubernatorial campaign in California. Who needs to pay for expensive actors when you can build an avatar! Who needs expensive TV air time when you have YouTube! Who needs an expensive studio when you can build ads on the cheap on your own desktop.

Dose of Venom for Candidates Turns Ads Viral
New campaign attacks in California are using sophisticated, low-cost technology to create nasty ads.

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