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Sunday, June 4, 2017

RAPID decision making

I learned about a new tool for decision making. It is called RAPID and it has been credited to Bain and Company Inc.

While I was introduced to this tool's use in committees structure within ate large health organization, it seems potentially even more impactful within clinical environments. In clinical environments teams of care workers participate,  yet roles and responsibilities are generally very ambiguously defined. A patient who presents with a set of complaints such as shortness of breath, decreased visual acuity, and a new onset rash on the background of hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, and history of opioid abuse will undoubtedly require a large care team to address their issues. Within any team charged with addressing these problems there will be a host of overlapping roles which currently are defined on an ad hoc basis at best, and more often than not never defined at all.

One could imagine creating a modified SOAP note or problem list which would include team members charged with making actual decisions and execution of specific plans. Accountability never happens without actual ownership of problems and definition of roles and responsibilities. 

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