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Monday, December 2, 2013 on Dec 2, 2013

The claims today are that the website is vastly improved. It is hard to take issue with this claim since it is not to hard to improve upon the October 1 baseline.

When I treat patients I will ask them if they have had a response to treatment. If they say yes, I ask them to use one of a set of global response descriptors ranging from minimal, partial, near complete, or complete to describe their response.  If I were to use the patient global assessment tools for characterizing the "response" to website "treatment", I would have admit, yes there was some improvement but I could not begin to claim that the response was complete or near complete. It perhaps would be a stretch to call the response partial and given all the caveats regarding continued bugs and glitches, I would have to settle upon a minimal response. Any way you look at this the efforts are not nearly adequate to meet the public needs.

No one has made any claims whatsoever about the back end of this. However, that part which involves insurers and doctors getting paid is not so important. As long as they can get this to be operational by 2025, we should be just fine.

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